The Department of Civil Engineering has well-equipped laboratories in the specialized areas. They are equipped with all modern equipments to cater the needs of UG. The department has fully functioning labs covering Geotechnical Engineering laboratory, Survey laboratory, Material Testing laboratory, Environmental Engineering laboratory, Engineering Geology laboratory, Concrete lab, Transportation laboratory, CADD laboratory ,Fluid Mechanics.



Surveying laboratory is associated with measurement. It includes imparting knowledge of the application of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to art of measurement of huge land masses. Surveying in the modern era is applicable to aerial as well as marine boundaries. The major equipments available in the laboratories are listed below:


The laboratory testing includes bringing different types of soil samples from various origin /sites and then performs various tests on soil for getting results and comparing to standard values. Site investigations are also performed known as In-situ tests where applicable. The major equipments available in the laboratories are listed below:


The role of the laboratory is to provide qualitative and quantitative data to be used in decision-making. Decisions made using water and wastewater data are far reaching. In wastewater analysis, the laboratory data define the treatment plant influent, the status of the steps in the treatment process, and the final load imposed upon the water resources. Decisions on process changes, plant modifications or even the construction of a new facility may be based upon the results of laboratory analysis. The financial pressures alone are significant reasons for extreme care in the analysis. The value of the research effort will depend upon the validity of the laboratory results. Thus, learning to perform laboratory tests on water and wastewater plays an important role in the environmental engineering profession. The major equipments available in the laboratories are listed below:


The Hydraulics Laboratory is a state-of-the art facility used to conduct a variety of experiments pertaining to water. Among other things, this laboratory provides a means of testing the hydraulic properties of submerged bridges and the hydraulic properties of highway drainage structures and stream crossings
Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, Pelton wheel, Mono block centrifugal pump, Centrifugal jet pump, Two stage self priming pump, Double acting reciprocating pump, Gear oil pump, Venturimeter, Orifice meter, Rectangular/triangular notch, Mouth pieces , Round orifices, Canals and Cisterns.


The laboratory provides equipments in order to do testing of various materials used in construction of roads. The major equipments available in the laboratories are listed below: